11 reasons why you do not get results

11 reasons why you do not get results


We all have goals in life. And often we give up on them for obvious and some less obvious reasons.

You want to start your business, lose weight, stop smoking, spend more time with your family, learn to play a musical instrument …

Some succeed easily in achieving their goals but others are not able to achieve them  at all or with great difficulty.

If you do not succeed, it’s certainly because of one of these 11 reasons:


1.You procrastinate

You always delay things for tomorrow.

You procrastinate often for lack of motivation, for fear of failing, or on the contrary for overconfidence. You have the mind full of great ideas but you do not make them come true. You find excuses to delay things because it is not an urgent need and when it becomes painful for you, it is often too late to do anything. Either you start to take control of things by taking action, or you continue to feel sorry for yourself. The choice is yours.


Following the path that is called Later, we arrive at the place that is called Never. – Senèque


2.You lose sight of your goals

You write down your goals and you forget about them.

It is not enough to set goals to forget them a bit later. Define them and decide how you will achieve them.

Scan your life goals list often and do not forget them.

3. You always try the same things

You are always more at ease in what you know, you are afraid of the unknown, it is not surprising to always come back to the same result.

Try new ways, new methods, new tools and you will have a chance to evolve and achieve your goals.

4. You give up too easily

You give up at the slightest trouble, achieving one’s goals is not easy. Work hard to achieve your goals, that’s what will differentiate you from others, most will give up before you. Know that the greatest successes are not at their first try, you have to try and try again to succeed.

5. You complicate situations too much

You want to go too far, think about too much at the same time, no wonder things get too complicated and you do not reach your goals.

Simplify things as much as possible, do not think too much about things that might happen. Know how to make simple and evolve as you go and your goals will have a better chance of being achieved.

6. You are easily distracted

A multitude of distractions will help you to turn away from your goals. Your emails, your colleagues, your phone, do not turn away from what you need to do. The achievement of your results depends on your concentration on the essentials. Do not let anyone or anything distract you.

7. Do not be afraid to dare

You will have good results and bad results, do not be afraid of them, you will learn and grow with the results. Do not be afraid of your differences, they will be an asset to use to excel.

You have to be afraid to stay still and do nothing.

Go! Dare to go forward! There is only the first step that is the most difficult – Unknown

8. You do not work smart.

You do the same things over and over again without getting any results. You start working straight away on your goals without developing strategies on how to apply that energy more effectively. If you do not get what you want, it’s a signal that it’s time to change the way you do it. See how you can do it differently, smartly and more effectively. Take concrete examples. Look at the people who have achieved results and learn from them.

9. You are lost in your own world.

You tend to close yourself. Open up – take steps to grow. Meet new people, change your routine. Venture and discover a new self. Get to know more people – motivated, positive and focused people. Get new and refreshing perspectives.

Those who apply too much to little things usually become incapable of the big ones. – François de La Rochefoucauld


10. You spend more time defending your problems than acting.

You complain about the fact that you do not have the desired results. You do not listen to others’ advice when they are talking to you but you use more energy to defend your points and refute their ideas why it will not work in your case. Spend more time thinking about solutions than talking about your lack of results. Put a plan of action in place and act on it. You maximize your chances of having more results and you guarantee your happiness at the same time.

11. You underestimate your goal

Reaching a goal is to move from point A to B. From point A, you create a plan of action that takes you to point B. It seems foolproof, except that the action plan is not 100% valid. It’s because you’re defining the plan from point A. You have not even been at point B, so how do you know if that will take you to B? At most, it will help you get closer to point B, but it will not be 100% accurate. Almost all the time, people fail because they underestimate what it takes to achieve their goals.

What should you do then? Configure your resources and review your progress continuously. Adjust your action plan and adapt accordingly.

Now that you know why you do not have a result, improve these 11 points one by one, work hard not to succumb to temptation, stay focused on getting results.

There is only one good at the base of a happy life: Confidence in oneself … . – Senèque.

The result is the Key..

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